borderline personality disorder experienced symptoms?

hi all, i suspect that my boyfriend has bpd…i was wondering if anyone could give me examples of the symptoms?
i’ve read the DSM, etc, but i want to know real life examples, like if you have a spouse that’s bpd, what have they done to you? please be a little detailed.

for me, he could be verbally abusive when something bad happens he says the worst things, and when something good happens he says the nicest things

(if you guys experience this too, please give me examples of the words?)

and every little thing i do throws off his trust. like i’ve tried so hard to gain his trust, i’ve stopped hanging out with guys, etc. but if, for example the other day, my phone wasn’t working when he called and he thought i was doing stuff with someone else or something…
i’ve never cheated on him and i’ve assured him of that. we’ve both been cheated on before.

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