My girlfriend cheated on me. She is pregnant but dying. Shall I help her?

I have two years love affair with a girl and now she says me that she was in love with other guy for seven months and she is pregnant with that guy. We are living in a country where abortion and marriage outside wedlock i not allowed. Abortion can be done secretly (having pills) but having illegal baby will lead her to prison and then deportation to home country. The cost of those pills is around 500 dollars. That new guy is a childish mama’s boy and now he is regretting and crying for what he did. He says he has got no money to pay for her abortion. But the girl still loves her more than me. And I guess even if I help her, she will keep on loving that guy. In this case, shall I still give her money to abort the baby? If she doesnt abort the baby, she will be sent to jail. Or should I inform her parents for what she has done?
I want to tell some more background. I am in Dubai and I have spent thousands of dollars already to bring her here. Bought her visa, tickets and all expenses I have bear. She cheated on me because she thought i will not marry her because she is of different nationality.

Yes I love her but when I knew she loves other person more, I pulled off. And now I came to know that he make her pregnant, and has no money for her medication or abortion. He is already father of two kids with other girl in his country and unable to support them! But that girl still loves that guy and doesnt want to take help from me. She says that she would not like to have my money anymore, as she already feels guilty for taking alot from me.

I think the only option I have is to tell her parents about this all. Is it okay?
By the way, the air ticket to her country is more than thousand dollars. And she prefers abortion because she just found a job. And she does not want to go her poor home country Phillipines.

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