Wife cheating and constantly lying. Saying I am crazy for not letting go..?

My wife and I *were* trying to save our marriage of 3.5 years. My issue is unforgiveness and not wanting to be treated like a fool. Her’s is cheating, lying about cheating, hiding money, bad-talking me to mutual friends and then getting offended when I add "my side" when confronted by these mutual friends. She says I am a dictator and I keep too many tabs on her because I am insecure. I say that I have to be firm because she will run me into the ground and admits it and I keep tabs on her because she lies and when busted she just shrugs her shoulders and says.. "Well, nobody perfect. Stop looking over my shoulder!" I say that trust comes with trustworthyness. She says it hurts not to be trusted an I should trust her until I have reason not to but when I bring up a reason she says I should quickly get over it and keep trusting her. I say only a FOOL would do that. Now she says she does not TRUST my ability to love her but she is the one who is distant. ?????

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