Wife cheating online, lost interest in friends and family, controlling with sex?

Hi, i am going to make this short nd hope that someone can help me with a posisble solution. I have been married for about 17 years. My wife over the years has lost alot of interest in sex , no forplay, nothing and when i ask her she tells me she does not like to be told when and how. So i fill its is all on her terms only, when and how. Also, she has no interest in going to friens homes when invited for the holidays and no interest in having them vist at are home. I am very lonley and fell left out. she only wants to do things at homw with just or to boys. Even my boys now say to me that they have no interest in other family members or friends. Also , I think my wife could be cheating again because she had an affair with a man about 6 years ago and it lasted about 6 months. For some reason she was VERY open about sex at that time. I miss all the family get togetehrs and friends. Our home is very lonley place. I am a people person. PLEASE HELP ,, ANY IDEAS.. SHE JUST TURNED 40 !!

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