Is it ok for my girlfriend to get drunk and come back late when she's on vacation?

My girlfriend is on vacation in hainan island in china with her friends. She goes every night and stay in the clubs till 4:30 AM in the morning. Im fighting with her everyday over this. She swears that she’s not cheating on me. She tell me all the time that she loves me… I just had a fight with her over the phone because she was so drunk coming back at 4:30 AM. She is russian, and I trust her, but I can’t trust her when she’s drunk… What should I do? She also gives me only ten minutes of her time to talk to me everyday. What should I do? Does she love me? Is she cheating? Is it ok for her to be drunk everynight? Also, she doesn’t take her cellphone with her when she goes out. I just told her that what she is doing is ruing our relationship. Her friend hit her when I was talking to her because her friend wanted to sleep. My girlfriend had a relationship with a girl in the past. What should I do??? Please help. Is it ok if you have a girlfriend to let her stay till 4:30 AM and come back drunk with her friend?

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