I am in severe pain and need surgery soon wife cheating left me alone to go out with her BF. Is she suppose to

I have been married for 4 yrs and I found out my wife was cheating on my. After that she reacted in different ways. First she apologized then she got mad and wanted divorce. She will move out soon. But in the mean time I got a small infection nothing serious but it hurts very bad and gives me fevers upto 104F. The doctor said I might have to go to the emergency room tomm. My family does not lives close to me she is the only person I have. Still she left me and went out to movie and dinner with that guy. She is not openly cheatin and says will move out soon. She says she had not had sex but spent a night in hotel with him. She is the same one who send 2000 IMs in 2 months and 245 IMs to the guy in last 5 days. I helped her get a good job recently b4 that she was makking about 1200 a month now she makes 5 times of that. But even in the past she used to spend a lot of my money in shopping. Tell me how do I cope with this. WHY GOD WHY ? WHY ME. I loved her still me. Life has lost meaning

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