Women say men cheat, but women seem to cheat on the faithful men. Why?

Women always say that men are cheaters, in their nature, men are dogs, think with their penis, etc. However, I have never cheated on my wife but she did. In fact, most of the good men or the men who have been faithful have had wives were have admitted to outside relationship or have been suspected of being unfaithful. We know that many times women are faihful and continue to put up with a cheating husband. Do we all just take each other for granted? If a spouse knows that they have a person that is totally loving and faithful, are they more likely to have an affair because they don’t have the threat of it being done to them. Do we all need a healthy fear that if we don’t treat our spouse right, that they may stray. Should we have complete and total trust or should we only trust so much to affiar proof the marriage? In other words, maybe we should not have blind faith that our partner would never do anything. Most people can be tempted given the right place, time, situation.

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