my best friend thinks her hubby is cheating, this is what the signs are?

so, she is very pregnant, and ready to give birth any day now. her doctors have advised her to not have sex, so she and her hubby have not been for several months. her husband recently got a new cell phone and where she used to be able to access all of his stuff on the old phone, she can’t get to anything on the new one. there are other things that she says makes her believe that he is cheating, he used to never get called out to work, but lately he is called out at least 1 of his 3 days off a week, and at the last minute, and then he pretends to be upset that he got called out, i mean she says he hams it up big time. they were talking about heaven and hell the other day, and he told her he refused to believe that there was a hell and that he could go there for example just because he thinks about having sex with another woman or cheats on his wife, she says of all the sins why would those be the ones he would bring up if he weren’t cheating? then she said last night he was taking a shower and so she walked in to use the rest room and as he was drying off she had noticed that he had literally shaved his um, private area completely bald, so she asked him straight up why he was bald, and he said i don’t know because i want to be, and she said for who. and he said for himself.. so, now she is convinced that he is cheating on her. she even asked him about it this morning and he told her no he was not, but he wasn’t angry that she was accusing him or anything..which to her is even more proof of guilt.. i keep telling her maybe it’s all just coincidence,but she is not buying it. do you all think that she has reason to be suspicious? are these things that would make you think your spouse was cheating? i’m not sure what to tell her,or what advice to give to her..could it just be her hormones building up stuff for no reason in her mind?
i don’t involve myself in to their marriage, she is my best friend, and she comes to me with her doubts and wants to know what i think, and as i keep telling her, i don’t personally feel that these few things are reason enough to say 100% that he is cheating on her, as i said i think right now it’s all just coincidence. i’ve known them both for a very long time, and yes they have had trust issues in the past,,on both parts. so i think this is where the insecurity on her part comes from. i just have a hard time believing he is cheating with this being her only evidence of such. if it were me, i would need actual proof before i would be accusing. but then, i also am not the one who has been cheated on before so, i guess i can’t say for sure.. i’m just trying to figure out what advice i should give her when she brings it up again to me.

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