I accidentally had sex with my wife's sister….help!!!?

I guess I should start this off by stating my wife and sister are identical twins. And I guess I should apologize for the length of this, but bear with me it is an actual problem and I do need advice on how to handle it.

So, every year for Thanksgiving my wife and I meet her parents and her sister at their families vacation house for the long weekend. We usually take separate cars there, as I work about 45 mins out of town (in the direction of the vacation house). I like to save time by not having to backtrack to our house, so we agree to meet there. My company only works a half-day on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, while my wife’s company does not, but she said she was going to try to take off a few hours early and meet me there early.

As I arrived at my in-laws vacation house, it appeared that no one had made it there yet. No cars in the driveway, no lights on, etc. So I grabbed the spare key (that they keep in a frog statue in the garden by the porch) and let myself in. As I opened the front door I could here some soft music playing, and the dim flickering of candlelight from upstairs. After taking my coat off, I made my way through the living room to the kitchen. On the kitchen table was bottle of opened, chilling champagne, two glasses, and a note surrounded by some rose petals. The note said "get yourself upstairs NOW!!! bring the champagne xoxoxoxo"

Of course, I grabbed the champagne and headed upstairs, barely noticing the trail of rose petals on the staircase leading to one of the bedrooms. I began to think this was odd, as my wife is not usually this romantic, but we’ve been married eight years, and had talked about spicing things up on occasion. As I turn the corner down the upstairs hall, I see my wife standing in the doorway with some very sexy lingerie on. I am thinking today’s my lucky day, and what a great weekend this is gonna be. Now I will spare you the details on what happened next, but let me say that she did things that she had never done before. She is usually pretty reserved when it comes to bedroom things, preferring missionary style, etc, etc. Not wanting to kill the mood, I did not question any of this, just figured I should enjoy it. My wife was going out of her way to finally start spicing things up, who was I to be a buzzkill.

After about ninety minutes of passionate love-making, we take a shower together, clean up, and head downstairs. As we are hanging around the kitchen, making small talk, and eating fritos with onion dip, I notice my wife’s car pulling into the driveway! My stomach dropped so hard, it felt like it was falling out of my body. I glanced over at the woman who I thought was my wife, and she had this sheepish little grin on her face! As you probably have surmised thus far, it was not my wife that planned this little escapade, but her sister. I broke out in a panic, the cold sweat beading on my forehead, I was not sure what to do!

Ultimately, I tried to play it cool, I am very surprised my wife never caught wind of anything, as the air in that house was heavy with awkwardness when she walked in. But she just greeted us as everything was normal. Now, the rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful, except for the sly grins, and winks from my wife’s sister. It’s been about 4 months since that happened, and I have not discussed these events with anyone. It has been awkward being around my wife’s sister, but I do not think my wife suspects anything. My wife’s sister has not made any more advances, or anything to me since. She has always been, the more mischievous of the two but this prank she pulled was definitely over the top.

So, I guess I am asking for advice on whether or not I should tell my wife about this episode. I don’t believe I cheated because I really believed I was with my wife. I am positive she does not suspect anything, and I really don’t want to upset her or put my marriage in jeopardy. So should I just keep quiet?
Yes, folks, this is real….I did suspect something wasn’t right but I chalked it up to my wife trying to spice things up…we had been talking about spicing things up for a few months prior…

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