If you forgive your spouse twice for the same thing, but in the back of your mind?

you think it MIGHT just happen again (no matter how many promises you’ve heard)…is it fair to leave after the third offense? Say the offense is cruising internet dating sites and exchanging photos and bad messages with other women. Women who live within driving distance.

I think it’s fair to forgive him ONE more time…but that’s it in my mind. I’ve still really had a hard time getting over this and most of my female friends have told me they wouldn’t have put up with it a FIRST time. Forgiveness is for yourself, however, and not the other person and I’m a firm believer in second chances for everyone. However, as the old saying goes: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me".

I can’t even fathom having the internet in my house bc it’s like I KNOW what will come of it. It worries me that he wants to get the internet on his phone restored. It BOTHERS me. He may not be in contact with like, one woman or have ever PHYSICALLY cheated, but it’s not like this is porn…these are real women out there…hookers, to be exact. I think most of the time we lead a happy life together…give or take the large bumps in the road. But what I’m really thinking is that I’m a complete dumb@$$ if I don’t brace myself that this could…and probably will happen again. And that there ARE other men out there that would NOT do this to me -ever. Not even once. So I forgive this time again. But I personally think it’s fair for me to leave for good if it should ever happen -EVER again. What do you guys think?

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