Well yesterday i was accused of having an affair with one of our friends ,?

well we got into a stiff argument about me so called having an affair an i told him i have never cheated on him an i have not either, we got to talking about the way he was treating me an doing me an all he could say it well just add it to my bad luck. i told Home that i was thinking about leaving him if don’t stop treating me like he is an he said the same thing to me again , like it don’t bother him that im thinking about leaving.. another thing is he has don’t accused me of sleeping with my boss @ a hospital , an yesterday i had to go to the store an he asked for a beer an i didn’t get him one an he got mad about that an he had a total attitude change. he asked me if i trusted him an i told him no , because of what he has been doing here lately, coming home from work an talking about the waitress an what they do, an he seems to know alot about all of them. you know when your spouse come home an talks about other women all the time an then ignores you the rest of the time then that would give you a reason to suspect something. WELL HERE IS SOME MORE THAT BEEN HAPPENING, COULD YOU PLEASE GIVE ME SOME MORE ADVISE PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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