Question to the young ladies… If you had a son what would you tell him what a girl looks for in a guy?

Let me clarify this question some… there’s enough evidence on the net that indicates that girls while young, say (ok not all girls but enough to make it seem this way) they want a nice guy , yet the nice guy gets pushed to the side as they seem to run (not walk) to the proverbial jerk. Many of the truley nice guys were trained or brought up to respect girls/women . which seems to be the major problem here is that their mothers were the instigators of this teaching and yet the fathers were the inforcers of said teaching. Many a nice guy has wondered why this is so… that girls say one thing and do something else. The nice guy begins to think he was set up by his mother for failure. Because of said teaching from their mom’s. We’re told the all girls want nice guys (gentlemen,courteous {{by that holding doors ,pulling out chairs ect}} and all the other adjectives that one might say that make up what a nice guy might be) Those of us start thinking that mom must have been mistaken because what we see mostly is that they fall for the type of guy that in their eyes seems sexually attractive {{ by this i mean in most cases would have sex with them at any cost}} yet these type guys will generally mistreat ,cheat ,flirt {{not necessarilly with them but other girls right in front of them}} . The largest majority of girls from 14 thru 25 or so will tell you that these bad boy types are what they are looking for . Yet after these girls/women get to be older {{and hopefully wiser}} around 30 or so they suddenly realize they fucked up {{ by the way young ladies the ones that say the bad boys are the thing theirs enough evidence on the net that shows this to be generally true. Yes it is somewhat true that the nice guy may finish last of sorts . But some nice guys sometimes have it in the back of their minds that they were just settled for as a last resort.
Getting back to the above question what would you {{ those of you that are in that 14 to 25 range ,
if you were to have a son at a future date how would you tell him he would need to act around girls by your present standards of what you deem {{ exciting now}} lets see possibble example someone like you might say to him with your present mind set might be
treat all girls as though they mean nothing to you… cheat on them every time you get a chance to..
screw them untill you get tired of them and then dump them to the side and move on to your next victim… after all this it just makes them want you all the more no matter how much you mistreat them. Because you know that you can almost do anything you want to them and you can’t seem to do no wrong.
"WHAT" , This isn’t what you’d tell them , why not becausse those of you that push the nice guy to the side because he’s {{to boring, needy, lacking confidence,a doormat, weak and i might add these are all said about most nice guys but yet no evidence support it because its a "PRESUMPTION" that is how they are. Yet however when they{{these girls/women reach 30}} these same nice guys
ya the ones that were considered weak,doormats,needy ,and all have sudenly been noticed that they are generall good providers,good husbands,good fathers,and in general do not cheat on their spouses. yet these are the same guys that got pushed to the side (friendzoned) when young but yet they haven’t changed much. So ladies what kind of message are you sending to the nice guys out there while your young. then some women ask the question "where are all the nice guys at" then make the comment that their either gay or already taken. Hmmm.. the way i see it here is that some nice guys because of how they were treated while young may have gone gay because at least they were loved by someone. other nice guys just got tired of being overlooked and turned into jerks to get some attention by corrupting their souls so to speak. and ya most of the rest were actuall snatched up by good girls/women who either saw the light early enough that nice guys were exactly that nice. This is what happened to me i got snatched up by someone {{my wife of 40 years now}}
yes she had her bad boy days so to speak and wised up and latched onto me. She was 24 and i was 26 at the time we were married in 1972. So now again tell me what you would say to your future son ????

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