My wife was raped… Is that cheating?

My wife and I were walking the streets of NYC. I found a store that was selling chap stick which we needed because of the cold, and my wife wanted to stay outside. When I came out, my wife was missing. I looked everywhere. I yelled her name down alleyways near the store. I figured she was still mad at me from a quarrel we had while walking. I was exhausted so I went back to our room in the Double Tree Hotel, she wasn’t there- so I figured she went to her sisters apartment because she didn’t have a room key, so I hit they hay and woke up in the morning- still not knowing. I received a call from the hospital while I was eating my breakfast. They told me my wife had been raped. Her jaw was broken, she also had major muscle spasms in her neck. In utter confusion I rushed to the hospital. She was in the bed wrapped up in casts. 5 days later she was sent home. Over the next month and still now I question if this rape can considered an act of my wife cheating on me. This is serious. I have anxiety attacks and am extremely paranoid. Please tell me, I’m in need of help.
This is a rough time indeed. David K brings a good argument. The problem is that she must be cheating because there was semen in her fallopian tubes so they must have enjoyed the sex. Calling me sick is not right, I go to therapy because of my ways that have afflicted me for years before.
I still think she was cheating.

My wife was wrong for what she did.
Bottom line is she had sexual intercourse with another man, which in the eyes of the lord is adultery.

I am going to look into divorce filings, I cannot handle this.

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