You just had the worst day of your life. Now the Devil is offering you a red button that will end the world…?

You found out you got AIDS from your significant other that you loved dearly and you also just found out has cheated on you repeatedly. Your significant other also went psycho and killed your kids and family before killing themself.

You lost your job because someone ended up dead at work and you are the only suspect.

You’re now in prison awaiting trial and all the evidence is pointing your way. You will be found guilty. Bubba/Bubbette your cell-mate has made you their girlfriend and has degraded you repeatedly. He/she slaps you around and calls you "Peaches".

While taking a shower to scrub off the horror of Bubba/Bubbette several of your fellow inmates doused you with gasoline and set fire to you. You’re now a disfigured freak who only has use of your left arm.

While suffering excruciating pain from your burns on a daily basis in your hospital bed the orderlies add to it by poking your burns. They think you are a child killer. Somehow you have been implicated in the murder of your own children and are considered an accomplice to your crazy spouse.

You will die a slow painful death and will be remembered as child killer.

As you lay there crying and wishing you were dead the Devil shows up and hands you a device with a red button.

He says, "That button will end the world and your suffering. Before you decide think where God was during all this."

Would you push the red button?

Sorry. Geez. I’m scaring myself by even coming up with this question…


But Halloween is around the corner so BOO! 😉

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