Will she truly love me again after her emotional affair with her classmate?

We had a troubled period and she fell in love with classmate who is not aware of her feelings. She wrote an unsent loveletter to the guy( which I found) and met him in a resort once. That guy adored her in her college days but she loved and married me even against her parental wishes.We are married for 14 years and have two wonderful kids. One month before this letter, we seperated as I quit my job which was worse than slavery. She never shown any signs of infidelity before or after one month of her passionate letter and she was even sleeping with me and thinking about me all the time and I was asking her to come back. She asked me to get a job and stop drinking which I once in a week when I worked but 3/4 times after our seperation. My inlaws had lot of influence on her and our hatred is mutual. Now she has been calling me every few hours and I am as happy as a teenage lover. I want her not to lean on her parents who never even bothered to call her about her affair.I got her out then
I tell her to cut off her relation with her parents who had ruined our relation but she does not care. She cut off contact with the guy as she says it was not even a ‘ contact ‘ and that letter is a fantasy. Will she ever give a damn about me as she could write me off like that, though she says she loves now as she always did?

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