Am I being "jealous" and "ridiculous" or was my wife acting inappropriately?

My wife and i are young and newly married. We belong to a gym that is about a mile up the street from our neighborhood. Yesterday I left work early and was passing the gym when she pulled out in her little convertible. She works from home on her own hours and goes to the pool and gym a lot so her being there at that time was not a big deal, but she was wearing nothing but her bikini top. I was 3 cars behind her and in that short drive, can’t tell you how many guys honked or scared. By the time we got home and she hops out in her bikini (she was wearing shorts) I was pissed.

She said her shirt was wet and she didn’t want to get her leather all wet and that I’m acting "ridiculous" and "jealous" over nothing. She has no problem getting my car wet when we go home together and she ALWAYS puts a tank top or something on when we leave the pooI. I will also add that she recently lost 10 pounds and looks amazing and has started wearing tight clothes to the gym when we go. She says she’s just proud of her new body.

I don’t think she’s cheating or ever will, but I do think she enjoys the attention she gets and it pisses me off. Am I being stupid or is she being inappropriate?

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