Cheating..When a wife cheats its for emotional reasons. will she get a divorce?

the love of my life who was cheating on her husband(kids) an told him she wanted a divorce and she didn’t love him. We had an intense love affair for the last year. Her husband found out it was me and began calling me and crying to me to leave her alone. He began a 2 mth crying session to her too..and he is now living home again and she told me she love me but she has to wait till the kids are older(doing it for the kids thing) he also told her she never would struggle if she stays with him. she is a at home mom now….her kids are 5 and 3..this happened last month…question will she leave him? and is there a time frame???? he has demonized me and her over the last 5 month and call his wife every name in the book to his friend and family and her family too..can this marriage last?

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