Do you agree when your spouse tells you "I am only human to look at a sexy and pretty naked man/woman."?

I had a bad dream this morning, I dreamed that theres a parade of naked pretty asian ladies and one of them passed by to leave her bag to some house behind us, thank God it’s only a dream! Because in my dream, I saw my husband staring at her from head to foot and smiling at her that as I caught him, I smacked his face in pretty hard to wake him up that I was there next to him.

As I told this dream to my husband because I find it too weird and that I trust him, he suddenly said "Honey? I’m only human…I can look but i know I cannot touch."

After that..the whole day..I’ve been crying, regretting the day I married him, pitying myself that I could have listened to my mom.. Asking myself, what more if it did happened? I didn’t knew he’s like this before i thought of saying ‘I do."

2 of the people I know said that its natural for men to be like this or to cheat on their spouses/girlfriends..How true is this? Enlighten me please…

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