why do ignorant people think that middle schoolers or high schoolers never know about love?

They probably know just as much, or more about love than the 30 year olds and 40 year olds.
Middle aged people act like they’re just children and they’ll cheat on someone or they’ll be bored with their girlfriend/boyfriend in a month.

Last time I checked it was the adult people who divorce their spouses(half of marriages end up in divorce), or the conservative middle-aged people who get caught cheating all the time..

They have no right to just decide "oh no young people can’t love". LOL wasn’t it adults who were taught as kids in the 1960s-70s or whatever that being gay is a bad thing? And now the gay guys are marrying women and pretending to love, until they end up going crazy not being themself and messing with some guy in a public restroom… then bam life ruined, when they could have accepted themselves before as a gay dude… perfect example of why many old-school adults don’t always know what love is about..

the point is even though I might be immature and young I still know about love just like any middle aged housewife. my friend who just graduated has been with someone since they were freshman… its so stupid when other adults think they know more about what love is when they make just as many relationship mistakes as the younger generation…
But both teenagers AND adults can be ignorant, both make the same mistakes. Adults are caught cheating all the time especially politicians who pretend to be all about "family values".
rejectedzipper: but you’re only generalizing too. you can’t say you’re just generalizing, and then generalize every young person. Kind of ironic..
Ted Shelcker- but you don’t know every young person, you are just going by your own experience just like other adults. not every person is going to be the same. Some married couples met in middle school. Were they "not really in love"?

I’m willing to be those that met in middle school or high school won’t say "I wasn’t really in love back then" lol

You’d be insulting every married couple that was together when they were young
"The examples you listed like 1960-1970 is a bad time reference. That was actually considered the time of free love when a lot of those practices were accepted even then."

No, even at that time period, the conservative side of parenting such as beating kids and being homophobic were still strong with conservatives. That’s why the gay guys marry chicks now and get caught being gay. and most of them are conservatives, so they most likely weren’t part of the "Free love" era.
StylishKidInTheRiotYAY: just asked my dad. He said yeah. 😛
StylishKidInTheRiotYAY: No he isn’t. He actually agrees.

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