Are there any secrets you should keep from your spouse?

Or should you tell them everything, even if you know if will hurt them? For example, I knew this woman who had "cheated" on her husband once with a friend of his when they were in high school and dating. He suspected it but she denied everything at the time. Finally, she confessed to him twenty years after they were married, b/c she felt guilty. It caused serious marriage problems. He was bitter and didn’t trust her after that. Should she have just kept her mouth shut or did she do the right thing in coming clean? Are there things you wouldn’t tell your spouse for the sake of your marriage or to keep from hurting your spouse?
It happened ONE TIME and BEFORE marriage when they were both teenagers in high school. Not my definition of a "slut." Geez.

Yes, I agree she should have come clean at the time, but after 20 years? Maybe it would be better NOT to come clean if she’s not said anything before then?

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