my ex husband has been trying to see me?

he left me 25 yrs ago for another woman..we were married 9 months and i did not give him a child so he thought i could not have kids. well the woman he left me for had 1 child so he knew she could have forward.. i had 4 kids.. he had one and his wife cheated the whole time..she is a control freak..i am now divorce he is still married..always asking a Friend that we grew up with what is my phone number etc, told my Friend to tell he he stills loves me..thing is i hate him, the other day he saw me..our moms live a cross the street in a old folk retirement housing thing..came knocking on my car window i quickly said hi and bf was in the back mom in the front..i have since told our mutual friend how much i can not stand him and to ask him to forget about me.. would i be unreasonable if i happen to see his wife over at his moms house and go over and tell her that our moms live across from each other..if she ever found out he would not be allowed to go to his mother home alone, i did warn him i would do this
hey dead beat i don’t write as much as some on here do..
chevy when he knocked on my car window it took me by surprise..i have not seen him in over 20yrs..and i was taking my mom to a doctors appt, and honestly i really did not know if i believe what people was telling me..until then, and that was the first message i sent to him mainly because i did not want to talk to him..

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