Have you ever felt raped of your relationship before?

My husband and I since day one has never had the chance to have a personal relationship to love each other. There was always some negative people in the middle: putting him down, putting me down, or trying to get him to cheat on me. I’ve noticed signs of him doing me wrong and just following the crowd to put me down. And now there’s a possibility that he’s betrayed me with someone else. I don’t know if he did or didn’t, but what would it mean to you that if your man who was away from you began to show signs of wanting to throw you away and infidelity. You try to ignore the signs of infidelity, but later on he reveals that where he was, there were some females who he knew from last year, and he brags to you, "These females are hating on me, It could to have been them, but I am with you." If there was nothing between him and these females, why would he brag about it? If there was nothing, why would he care about whether they liked him or not? Doesn’t it imply that he’s having some kind of competition thing or something? That something is going on or has gone on? I don’t know how to word it? What do you think? Please help me.
By "raped", I mean violated. How? By people interferring into my relationship to ruin it.

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