Is my wife cheating?

Here’s the deal. My wife is turning 30. She gained some weight since we married. She’s disinterested in being intimate than she used to be. She bought more clothes to look better. She doesn’t feel like spending time with me. She bought all new underwear. She doesn’t like to hear from me during the day anymore. She doesn’t contact me at all during the day like she used to. She said she’s just “going through some stuff right now. Works stressful, she’s turning 30, she’s not feeling good about herself”. Makes me think. I haven’t caught any emails or texts from other people on her phone but my suspicions are driving me nuts. Something in my gut tells me she may not be cheating yet but someone else has definitely caught her attention. How can I tell for sure? Is there one sure fire sign or question I can ask her that would tell me if there was another dude in the picture?

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