advise needed for heart-broken friend:(?

Ok situation is that my friend and her husband get into a big fight last week-end, fight involves, her, her sister and her husband, fight starts off with sister and husband, when my friend tries to break it up husband kicks of fight with my friend. (they were both drunk)>Sister and Husband,,
Any way words were exchanged husband has tendencey of saying hurtful things this time he told her that when he makes love to her he thinks of someone else,, after the s… wore off that he had been drinking>>he now tells her that he is sorry,, heated argument,, its not true,, please stay with me etc.. See I say boot his stupid a..>> but this is her husband there has never been any signs of infidelity on his part but this crap has hurt her deep what should I offer her as advise,, cause my advise is girl>> Divorce>>involving moving and lots of packing..
overall they seem to be a happy couple on a normal day,
but that was some messed up stuff to say,
True or Not. she needs advice, not jokes.Pls

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