Why do women stay with men that beat or abuse them?

My neighbor across the street beats the heck out of his wife. We offered to help her many times. She has called the police on him and every time, right before his court date she drops the charges and moves back in.

One of my friends, or should I say ex-friends, works out of state and he is showing serious signs of cheating on his wife, a good friend of ours. He is messing with her head, by the way he acts and treats her. He won’t "touch her" if you get my meaning, and he hides his cell phone from her in his boxers while he sleeps. He won’t leave the room when she has access to his cell phone and before he lets her use it, he deletes stuff off of it, as she says. Why do women stay with deadbeats like this? Don’t you realize these men aren’t deserving of you? These guys aren’t worthy of any relationship. Get out and stay away!
You’ve all given some great insight on this. The first post seems to sum it all up, so they get BEST ANSWER. Friend does seems very insecure about herself…I don’t think she’s scared of him, this isn’t the one that gets beat…He lives in a hotel room, so I don’t see a judge giving him custody if she left him for his cheating, if it could be proven…bluemist – She’s a beautiful woman and she wouldn’t have any problem finding a MUCH better man. maybe she just doesn’t realize it yet…She’s threatened suicide if he leaves?? WTH? If it was me, I’d threaten suicide if he stayed any longer…Ken J.- I’m with you, this guy is a freakin coward and so are most that do this sort of thing…she has tried changing everything for him and its still not enough, but she still wants him for some reason…i hate undies – me too 🙂 & lesmodee – and congrats for getting out!!… kitkat – I agree, the new home, his paychecks and start over with an EPO against him if he threatens anything. Thanks all!

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