why is my wife cheating?

I came home the other day and to my surprise my wife was waitng for me in the kitchen. I asked what was going on? She told me to sit down that she had to tell me something. I didnt know quite what to think. She told me that she had some bread baking in the oven. I was so excited i got up and went to look in the oven and there was no bread. I got pissed because i have a wieght problem and i thought that was cruel to tease me like that. She the said no not that kind of bread and she said the kind of bread that bakes down south of the waist. I told here to get the hell out of our house and that I never wanted to see her again that this guy is not going to put up with a cheating wife that has caught a yeast infection and is making sour dough! She called me an insensitve ass slammed the door and went to her mothers house. I have not talked to her in 2 days how am I in the wrong?

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