I’ve just got married and he is gone (married ppl plz help)?

My husband and i had a falling out over me not having access to his myspace, facebook etc. He shows me signs of infidelity and i want to make sure my feelings are right or wrong. He acts as though he has something to hide and accuses me of infidelity when i don’t have the time for silly things. he has been gone since saturday and has packed all his belongings and even my laptop and computer. what in GOD’s name should i do i have been a good wife not going out with my friends because i miss him so. We just got married and i am so very depressed. was i wrong for wanting access to these silly things? I would give all of mine for the asking, even in the past i have shown him mine and he curses me saying that i had deleted my messages which was "real smart". But honest to GOD i would never if i wanted some1else i would not have married him. I feel he loves my but at the same time i feel there is something there in his emails that he does not want me to see. Guys plz help i don’t ask for too much but i am hurting.

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