what is wrong with me?

hello im 19 years old and im male.
basically the past year i havent been myself, it all started when jade goody died of cancer. i was sitting there on the computer reading the article about her and from then on i would start to think i had cancer. if i has a sore throat i thought i has throat cancer and would actually cry thinking i was going to die, then i would constantly feel my testicles for lumps and think i had cancer, i didnt even have any lumps i would just constantly think i had testicular cancer, then it got worse as i started to think i was going to have a heart attack i would have panic attacks and just obsess over having a heart attack. i wouldnt play football nomore or go camping with my friends incase i had one. im only 19 and have no health problems at all. then that started to pass but i started to obsess over what if im gay, ive never been attracted to a man and have never fancied one or whatever. always girls and ive slept with girls and im currently in a relationship with one who i love with all my heart. the gay thing has started to pass but now im obsessing over what if my girlfriend is cheating on me. i just sit there and get so worked up and think of al lthese stories on my head like shes at some lads house now shagging him. what is wrong with me man its killing me i just want to go back to the way i used to be this is torture i cant live like this for the rest of my life im only 19 years old :(. deep down i know all my thoughts are bullshit but i just cant get rid of them. and im starting to obsess over what if i get really mentally ill and what if i start to hear voices in my head and all that. im just a mess what do you think is wrong with me?

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