My husband said because it’s fun. I’m furious?

This morning I was watching the movie Tyler Perry’s Family That Prays.
For those who haven’t seen it, it revolves around a married woman who is having an affair with her married boss. Its really sad actually.

So I was on the phone with my husband and I asked “why do people cheat?” It was more of a statement like “Il’ll never understand why people cheat”.
Then my idiot husband says spontanously “because its fun”.
I was just shocked when he said it.
Then I questioned him about it so he tried to sugar coat his answer which of course his answer cannot be taken out of context.

I’m not upset he said this but because he clearly believes it!
How the hell do I know he isn’t up for “some fun” when he goes out or when he’s at work?
Seriously, how fun is it to hurt your spouse and break up your own family?
I mean if he thinks its fun, what makes me so sure he isn’t going to have this kind of fun, or isn’t already?
How would you react to this?

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