My wife cheating on me, Twice?

I have been suspecting that my wife has been cheating on me for a while now. She texts this old High school friend all the time, I figure that since I trust her it’s no big deal. My wife and I generally get along great, but since we are both students and she has a part time job, it makes it hard to spend time together. She has been very distant and I have been resentful towards her for that.

Just a few hours ago while she was sleeping I went through her phone,. She had sent some very erotic texts toward an old school friend and her and I haven’t spent anytime together,It’s always, go go go go go.So I confronted her and she confessed with tons of tears, she said that she was sorry and “IT” just happened because I have been resentful because I have been wanting to spend time, but not her. I want the counseling thing, but we dont have the time. told her I forgive her, but I really don’t. I just want us to get past this.

What should I do?

What should I do next? I want to do the counseling thing, but we are both students and she has a part time job. We both have no time…..Yet she has time to cheat on me…

First of all. my wife isn’t a slut…..I would never use suck a word on any woman. And yes I believe that my wife will cheat again when she gets the chance, obviously she isn’t ready for marriage and if I catch her again I’m not only going to divorce her, I’m telling her family and that will open up a can of beans that she can not get out of….

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