Caught My Wife Cheating. I Was Watching

Long story short, my wife said she was at work, an i lied an said i was at work. I went home and start playing play station and smoking pot when i hear the door open. I quickly hear her voice and crawl under the bed, In my rush to hide i dropped my still lit joint. She comes in with ANOTHER MAN!!! finds the joint, the window open and the play station on and puts the facts together only to suspect a brake in had just happened.

Probably neighborhood kids she says to herself, Then she starts making out with the guy shes with, they jump on the bed while I’m still under it and start having intercourse, I’m laying under the bed nearly in tears because of my cheating wife, when they finish and leave.

The guy leaves behind his “bag of tadpoles” and there’s nothing left but me and shame. I light up the remander of my joint and throw rocks at alley cats. Should i confront my wife?

sorry about the cat thing, smoking pot and throwing rocks calms my nerves

So basically, what everyone is saying is i should go home and smoke a fatty? Right?

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