Men….why are you unfaithful to your spouses?

Either if your married or in a long-term committed relationship. If your woman does everything to make you happy. If she loves you, she is committed, gives you no reason to suspect she is messing around, she cooks breakfast, cooks dinner, cleans house, makes love to you or gives you oral anytime you want, no matter time of day, she doesn’t nag or bi*tch at you—-then why would you cheat on her?

I know some people cheat because they are missing something in the relationship, and look for it elsewhere…..but why would you cheat if you are getting everything you need at home? For the others….if you are not getting what you need in the relationship, then what are you missing?

I am not saying only MEN cheat, I know WOMEN cheat as well. I was not singling anyone. I said men because I only wanted to know why men cheat. It may be different for women, so I wanted to know reasons men cheat. Sorry if it came across that way.


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