Looking for help to catch a cheating husband?

I am married since dec 2008 now i am having 4 months old baby girl. my husband had a affair with one lady who is already married this i found when i was 6 month of pregnancy, during when i used to ask him is he having affair with her. my husband used to tell me he is not. because of her we used fights and he used to hit me, spit on me, slap me omg i was tortured lots.

after my delivery she left the job since her husband got posted to different state he did not wanted her to work anymore. now she stays at home alone without her husband. i suspect is he having affair with the same women or different women. But i can bet he is cheating with all signs matching. i am house wife i really don’t have any money, no job, no vehicle i don’t have any one for help also. i don’t know what to do. i am looking for some radio help who can find and let me know or is there any way i can find out. Please do help me i am under greater depression along with the baby

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