Judge Judy: For or Against?

I love Judge Judy but know people who detest her as rude and opinionated.I believe that while abrasive, her findings are fair. I like her because her abrasiveness is in service of an ethical clarity about how people should and should not treat each other. People who exploit those they’re dating for money or things; so-called friends who borrow money or damage loaned items, then drop the friendship to avoid paying; former boy/girlfriends or spouses who demand money or the return of items that were given freely, but which become "loans" after the relationship goes south, and of course the scamming tenant, landlord or business owner out to cheat somebody. I see Judge Judy’s harsh, rude or abrasive behavior as directed at those who deserve to be told in no uncertain terms and before the world exactly who they are and what they are about. I also suspect that some of the objections to this is an objection to her "being judgmental," and that liars, scammers, exploiters and false friends should be seen as having "made mistakes" rather than for what they often are: people of poor character. Hurray for Judge Judy for standing up for taking responsibility and basic human decency.

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