Emotional Affairs Via Telephone

Emotional affairs via telephone is unfortunately quite common today when it comes to an unfaithful partner’s behavior.

One of the most common marital problems that a couple has to face today is the one or both being involved in an emotional affair with another person outside the marriage. Although this is not as grave as sexual infidelity, the effects that it has on the marriage is just as bad. It causes the other spouse to feel insecure, betrayed, deceived and totally disappointed.

Is it Really Cheating?

But what characterizes emotional affair? Experts attribute this to the spouse’s need for warmth, company, love and care that he thinks is not being given to him by the other. It starts only as a simple friendship and then leads on to something deeper. The spouse often gets to spend more time and gives more attention to the person he or she is having an affair with than he or she does at home with his or her spouse and their family. When unguarded, this relationship that is supposed to be platonic also leads up to sexual relationship.

Signs to Look out For

The most common sign that indicates that your spouse is involved in an emotional relationship is if he becomes secretive to you and spends so much time on the telephone or in the computer. This kind of affair is often characterized by exchange of messages and other forms of communications between your spouse and the other person. For women, if your husband tries to hold on his cellular phone, has numbers saved that you know aren’t his friends’, then that could be one sign. Also see if there is a change in the way he deals with you. Husbands who are into emotional affair with another tend to become selective in the stories and matters discussed with the wife. They also become less interested in listening to the wife.

What You Can Do to Combat It

If you see these signs on your partner, the best way to start is to confront him. Talk it out right away and try to resolve the issues that caused him to engage into such affair. The earlier it is cut out the better. Do not wait long because the deeper the emotional relationship is the more difficult it would be for the husband to get out of the affair. Try to make your end of the deal and enter in a compromise that will make things better for both of you. Also consider that it could be you who caused this problem. Maybe you’ve been focused on your work and your children too much that you already get to neglect your husband.

Being Proactive

To avoid this situation from happening to your family, the best way is still to balance your time. Spend moment with your husband, make him feel comfortable and loved so that he won’t be tempted to be in a relationship with another who can do so. Yes emotional affair is very common today especially with the advance technologies that pertain to communication but it can be prevented. Let it not be a reason to destroy your marriage or better yet your family, not ever.

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