Spouse Accusing You Of Cheating a Sign They Are Guilty Themselves?

If your spouse accuses you of cheating is it a sign that they are the ones that is guilty? I was invited to hang out w/ one of my friends 1 week ago but my husband managed to make me feel guilty and said mommy is going whoring around. So I didn’t go.

So then this past weekend I told him I was going to hang out w/ her and took the kids w/ me. He wasn’t home from work yet so we went ahead and left. I called my husband and told him I was going to hang out w/ her for a while. He calls me a couple hours later accusing me of cheating I wasn’t doing anything just hanging out w/ her. I have never done anything to make him think I was cheating. Then he told me we were both fat I am 5 8 tall and med built I don’t like my weight but if you didn’t know it you wouldn’t think I am the weight I am. Then we were on our way to his belated x-mas party they have them late and he said out of the blue that if you take a dollar bill and roll it up and put it in your mouth that a stripper will take it by using her boobs he claims he never did that while w/ me.

I met him when I was 18 he got me out of my abusive home to live w/ him and he was so good to me. But now he treats me like crap I have been mentally, physically,verbally abused by him but I stay b/c he says he is sorry and he loves me. Not only that but b/c of our kids. Why does he hurt me like this and how do I find out if he has cheated on me?
My friend isnt single she is living w/ her boyfriend and if she wasn’t isn’t shouldn’t matter. Yes I am going to go out somewhere and there may be a good looking man where I am at but that doesn’t mean I am going to hit on him and sleep w/ him or any man.

I am married I control myself. I’m not one to make a fool out of myself and married I wear my ring proudly and make sure its being seen. He has single friends one who sleeps w/ all kinds of women he uses them for sex then dumps him. But he is his best friend. Then he has one who is married and has cheated on his wife and drinks all the time and does whatever he wants.

When I want to hang out w/ my friends it doesn’t mean finding a hook up I just want to relax and socialize. I don’t even talk to men when I am out unless its someone I know.

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