You were then so in love with each other. You hold each other’s hands like there was no tomorrow; you look at each other’s eyes like no other person exists. It was like a love meant to last; a promise that transcends forever.

Until one day, you felt the gap. Your partner’s there beside you but it feels like he or she’s not. You look at the eyes and you see coldness. You talk but gone is the enthusiasm that you used to feel. You show affection and yet it feels like all those efforts no longer suffice.

Relationships do come in a high-low moment. It is but normal. Some would say that misunderstandings are just spices which make the bond even stronger.

However, if it is something that is continually recurring, then something else must be going on.

You shouldn’t be the last to know what that “something” is. You should know the signs if the relationship is still working. You should know if your partner is already cheating on you.

Holy Hill, author of Sugarbabe posits that it is normal for men to cheat on women and as a response, women should just accept that reality and allow their partners to indulge in sexual relationships.

Pretty unfair, right?

Likewise, a research revealed that it is not true that men have the higher tendency of indulging into sexual affairs. Men and women alike are prone to infidelity.

This report is therefore designed to help you see the hints that your partner is already giving you. Oftentimes, you keep on looking from other sides when in fact, the signs are already in front of you.

Cheating partners can make you the victim of their infidelity but you shouldn’t allow them to make you victims of your innocence or should I say ignorance?

Whether some would say that it is normal, you should still be aware because you wouldn’t want to live the rest of your life feeling unloved and uncared for.

This time, your best help would be your very self. You do not just sit in your couch, having the gut feeling that something is wrong while your husband or wife is out there, hanging out with the other lover. You should be informed. You should know. And what better way to do it than by knowing the signs?

Brace yourselves guys. Who knows, one of these hints that I’m about to reveal is already obvious in your partner. As I mentioned earlier, you’ve got to know because you don’t want to be the laughingstock of everyone.

Above all, knowing the signs may lead you to eventually saving your relationship from failure. The earlier you decipher, the earlier you can save your marriage from further damage.

Instinct is unbeatable

The sensitivity of a woman to different things is very helpful. Once you feel that there is already something wrong with your relationship, you shouldn’t just give it a shrug. As a woman, your best buddy is your instinct. Most often than not, it tells you the right thing.

Even when the mind insists that everything is working out as you planned, your gut feeling will tell you that it’s not when it really is not.

This is also true for men. Though it is said that women are born detectives (because of intuition), you are not as cold as ice to be blinded by signs. Your instinct may not be as strong as the ladies but you are still human who has the capability to feel things.

Just a warning on this though. You should be able to differentiate lack of trust from intuition. Lack of trust can mislead you but instinct will guide you to answers to your doubts.

Your partner spends lesser time spent with you

Perhaps, one of the most obvious signs that something is wrong with your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or wife is time. Remember when you were still both so in love with each other? You can’t get enough of each other, right?

In fact, he or she would rather get late for work just so you can spend more time with each other. He or she would cancel meetings after 5 because you just can’t wait to see each other. During your first months or even years, you two were literally inseparable.

What happened after that?

You cannot say, “Oh I know my partner is just busy with his work”.

Your partner cannot also say “Honey, I’m sorry if I’ve been taking you for granted these past months. It’s just that I’m too busy with the business”.

Come on! You’ve got say, “you could have been busy even when we first met. You could have been occupied with your business when we were still in the courtship stage. But you were able to disregard all those just to be with me then”.

Why the sudden change?

If you see this drastic change in your partner, you better make a plan to confirm what the actions tell you. Some of the common statements would be:

  • I will have dinner with a client tonight
  • I’m sorry I can’t make it on our anniversary because I have a business trip
  • I have to work overtime tonight, I’ve got lots of paper works to finish
  • There’s too much problem in the company, we need to fix those

Such excuses will be the usual piece. Remember, if a person is in love, no matter how complicated things are, there will always be a way. As the cliché goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. Who knows, the times that your lover is in business trips are the moments that he/she is having a good time with another love interest.

You are the partner here. Whether you’ve been together for just a year, you are already accustomed to his/her attitude. Therefore, you would easily notice if your better half is just making up reasons not to be with you or is indeed busy in the most literal sense of the word.

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